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$89 with free shipping  

New for the AquaPurr eC

Small footprint

The AquaPurr eC is only 4 inches wide.

Easy to Train

Your cat simply stands next to the AquaPurr eC to start the water flowing.

Same great features as the original AquaPurr

No Filters

No Cleaning

No Refilling

There is no filter to clean. The AquaPurr water is fresh from the tap.

Use the Faucet


Use the AquaPurr

Just a 1/4 turn to switch between using the faucet and the AquaPurr.

Don't leave your faucet running!

The AquaPurr only runs the water when your cat wants it.

AquaPurr installed
Items included with the AquaPurr
What ships with the AquaPurr
What ships with the AquaPurr